Foglaljuk össze

  • “Let me get this clear, Miss Bulstrode.
  • Let me sum up again.
  • Let’s just sum this up real quickly.

Szólt közbe, szakította meg…:

  • “There’s no need to do that,” interjected Hal.

hallatszott a válasz:

  • “Very well,” came the unemotional response.
  • “All right,” answered a voice from the boat.
  • “Yes, One,” came the reply.
  • “I think not,” said Peerssa.
  • But she was interrupted by Sam.

válaszolni (synonim table)

  • to respond
  • to riposte
  • to talk back
  • to reply
  • to answer
  • to react
  • to whisper

Nem talált szavakat:

  • There were no words.
  • Marianne hardly knew what to say.
  • Then he reacted slowly.
  • Thorne could find no words.
  • For once, Curnow was at a loss for words.
  • Jean Valjean found not a word to answer.

mondani – to say (synonim table)

  • to babble
said babble bark bawl beam
bellow bleat blurt boast brag
cajole cheer choke chuckle cough
crow cry drawl fret fulminate
gasp giggle groan growl grumble
grunt hiss holler howl jeer
laugh lisp marvel mimic moan
mumble murmur mutter muse nod
pant pipe quaver rant roar
scold scream screech shout shriek
sigh sing smile smirk snap
snarl sneer sneeze snicker sniff
snort sob sputter squawk squeak
stammer storm thunder trumpet vociferate
wail weep whimper whine whisper
worry yell